About Us

Come rejuvinate your body, calm your mind and renew your spirit at Southwind.

The Southwind Health Collective

We have been serving the Lawrence community since 1987. Our collective is located in a beautiful historic building in downtown Lawrence. Our professional staff includes five massage therapists, two acupuncturists, and a holistic nutrition therapist.

Southwind Staff

Our name “Southwind” is inspired by the welcoming warmth of the prevailing wind in Kansas and the Konza tribe who lived in Kansas and for whom the state is named. The Konza referred to themselves as “people of the southwind”.

“Health” speaks of our commitment to help improve the lives of our clients through the benefits of massage, energy work, essential oils, and acupuncture.

As members of the “Collective”, we are individually trained therapists, working in a shared space, providing a wide variety of innovative techniques.

We have over 120 years of collective experience!

What to Expect

Image descriptionAt Southwind we tailor the treatment to your needs. Upon arrival you will fill out a confidential health history and speak with your therapist about your health goals.

All of our treatments are offered in private and comfortable rooms that are designed for your utmost relaxation.

We encourage you to communicate how you feel at any time.

After the treatment, you may be given ”homework” to help you achieve your goals. Your homework might include stretching or healthy habits related to your health goals.

You are welcome to stay longer at Southwind after your treatment to drink a glass of water and take a few breaths before returning to work, the road, home…wherever your active life takes you.

For the next day or two, we encourage you to drink plenty of water and to rest so that you can better integrate the gifts of the treatment.

Our Experienced Staff


Jamie Alspaugh specializes in therapeutic and relaxing massage and has been practicing since 1999. Deep tissue, trigger point, prenatal and postnatal, infant massage, and migraine relief.

Joy deMaranville

Joy deMaranville, co-founded Southwind Health Collective and has been in practice
since 1986. She specializes in injury recovery, deep relaxation and movement awareness. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Pre & Post Natal, Hot Stone.

Supriya Desai

Carla Davenport graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine-NY with an
MSTOM in acupuncture and herbal medicine in 2011. She was in private practice in
NYC from 2011-2016. Prior to that she worked in New York and LA as a therapeutic
body worker specializing in structural integration, shiatsu, meridian massage, and
psycho structural balancing. As an integrative practitioner, Carla combines Japanese,
Classical Chinese, Five Element, and Motorpoint acupuncture into treatment, along
with traditional bodywork therapies, breath work, and essential oils.oils.

Lana Haas

Lana Haas combines energy work with massage to create a rejuvenating and deeply relaxing therapeutic massage. Upon request, she offers a unique Song of your Soul at the end of your session. Relaxation Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Reiki, and PreNatal Massage.

Lana Haas

Janet Lee, L.Ac., DACM, combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbs) with modern technology to help couples create the family they've always wanted. A certified exercise physiologist and yoga instructor, Janet also enjoys treating orthopedic disorders (neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee and foot pain) and creating corrective exercise plans to help patients avoid future pain and injuries. Women's health, infertility, sports medicine

Carol Marshall

Carol Marshall has been in practice since 1993. Listening with her hands, she blends
massage and energywork to encourage the mind to relax and the body to release tension and pain. Both gentle and effective, her work is suitable for young and old alike. CranioSacral, Subtle Energy Work, Swedish, Lymphatic Drainage, Foot Massage, Heart Centered Therapy.

Brenda Sampson

Brenda Sampson integrates techniques in sessions to create opportunity for healing
and balancing the body. She is nationally certified, and has been in practice since 1989. Neuromuscular, CranioSacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, and Heart Centered Therapy.

Angie Schoenherr

Angie Schoenherr is a certified Master Nutrition Therapist and practices Holistic Nutrition counseling. She approaches each person as a unique individual, personally tailoring dietary needs with emotional and lifestyle factors to rebalance the body. Please visit www.lawrencebalancingnutrition.com to learn more about Angie's expertise in Holistic Nutrition.

A Word From The Founder

Southwind has been a quiet oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation since its creation in 1987. One of its founding staff members, Joy deMaranville, has worked passionately to bring this vision to life.

At Southwind, we do all we can to tailor your treatment session to you and your comfort level. Quite simply, that's what we do. And we take great pride in doing it well."

Joy deMaranville, founding member of Southwind

Serving as the collective's mantra as much as their slogan, these words have served as the foundation for a successful and inviting environment at Southwind Health Collective.