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About Us - The Southwind Health Collective

 Located in an historic downtown building, Southwind has long been a quiet oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.  We have been serving the Lawrence community since our creation in 1987.

Our name “Southwind” was inspired by the welcoming warmth of the prevailing wind in Kansas and the Konza tribe who lived here and for whom the state is named.  The Konza referred to themselves as “people of the south wind”.

“Health” speaks of our commitment to help improve the lives of our clients through the benefits of massage, body work, energy work, essential oils, Traditional Chinese medicine, and acupuncture.

As members of the “Collective “, we are individually trained therapists working in a shared space, providing a wide variety of innovative techniques.  We have over 120 years of collective experience!

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What We Do

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Whether you need a quiet relaxing session or relief from injury, therapeutic massage and bodywork offer many benefits.  They improve circulation, reduce tension, and calm inflammation. Let us work with you to find the best approach to achieve your goals.

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Acupuncture can effectively treat acute and chronic conditions, including muscular, gastro-intestinal, gynecological and respiratory disorders.

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What to Expect

Upon arrival you will fill out a confidential health history and speak with your therapist about your goals for the session.

Treatments are offered in private, quiet, beautiful rooms that are designed with your utmost comfort in mind.

We encourage you to communicate how you feel at any time.

After the treatment, your therapist may speak with you about steps you can take to achieve your health goals.

You are always welcome to arrive early or stay longer in Southwind’s soothing atmosphere.  You you may want to take a little extra time and a few breaths before returning to work, the road, home…wherever your active life takes you.

After a session, we would encourage you to drink plenty of water and to rest so that you can better integrate the gifts of the treatment.

What Our Clients Say

"My very best happy place with the most warm, nurturing, caring people ever. I couldn't make it through life without them!"

"I've probably had over two-hundred massages here in the past twenty years and my experience even dates back to the original location down the street. Not sure what the formula is but I think its the long-time employees who make sure they're always surrounding themselves with the best talent."

"I truly appreciate that even when I can't say exactly what is going on with my body, the therapists can figure it out and treat what needs to be treated."